Winter is here

The other night I was sitting on my balcony freezing and thought to my self «now it’s really getting cold here». Well, being a badass Viking from Norway, I was shocked when the temperature was showing 22,9degrees Celsius, which basically is summer temperature in Norway.

So let me tell you about the winter in Norway. I grew up in a small town called Mo i Rana up north of Norway, just below the Arctic Circle. Sounds exotic, right? At this time of year it is getting darker. Actually from the end of November to the middle/end of January we don’t have sun at all, and there is only daylight for 6-7 hours, even only three hours closer to christmas. The weather shifts from day to day, and a lot of people go into a  winter ‘depression’. You should think that people up there are used to the ‘dark period’, but it is just as impactful every year. Without the daylight, we lose energy and become more tired. At the same time it is a perfect time to spend inside, cuddling up in our living rooms with our friends and family, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the warmth from the fire place. When I was a kid, the best part about this time of year was waiting for the first snow. Making the first snowman and snow angels, trying on our ski’s even though it was only 1 cm of snow, and waiting for the temperature to get cold enough to change the football pitch into a big ice-rink.  Since the weather and temperature varies a lot, the wait can be a frustrating at times. Having the perfect amount of snow one day and then next it’s gone in the rain. But as we say in Norway «there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes» (even though I have to admit that Norwegians are overly obsessed with weather and we always manage to bring it up in all our conversations). So even though we spend more time inside, we also manage to be active outside even though the weather is not on our side. 

For Dubai the temperature is perfect at this time of year, and you can actually go for walks without melting away. So, use this opportunity to be more active outside, walking, running, bicycling, or simply play with your kids in the park. And please send a warm thought to the Norwegians who are suffering from lack of sunlight. 

I guess the big question in Norway right now is «will there be a white christmas this year?


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