In order to be eligible for the program you will need to follow and agree to the terms and conditions

  • Minimum age is 16yrs old.
  • No current injuries or medical conditions preventing you from strenuous physical activities.
  • Doctors approval to start a fitness program.
  • Ability to commit to 3-4days/wk of training.
  • Motivation and willingness to make a change to your current lifestyle and diet
  • Motivated to work hard and help your fellow team mates.
  • Prioritize getting at least 7hrs of quality sleep
  • Can limit alcohol consumption to a bare a minimum!
  • Attend ALL of the scheduled meetings (see schedule below)
  • Acquire the blood test measurements requested by your GP, or recommended lab.
  • Completely fill in the Program Manual
  • Willing to take “before” and “after” pictures that MAY be published on social media (approval will be requested). No unclothing required.

If the participant does not meet them minimum requirement of workouts, he/she will receive an official warning. If improvement does not occur a FORFEIT will occur. All participants must provide payment either in full or by 3 pre-dated checks prior to beginning of the program. If your forfeit the program because of ANY REASON there will be no refunds and any remaining profit will go to a charity of your choice.

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