Those of you who follow my Instagram account (@ian_shp) will have noticed that I have been playing around with the simple, yet super inspiring new floor mat called Platform9, from recently founded Procedos was created by my fellow lecturer at AFPT and good friend Seth Ronland, who runs a fantastic gym in Ystad, in southern Sweden.

Seth is among many things (voted Sweden’s best PT in 2011) a GIFT fellow, which means he is very well versed in understanding chain reaction biomechanics. In simple terms this means how the body acts and reacts in all three planes of human motion. Seth in incredibly gifted in understanding the true function of the body and he has now created a really simple, but ingenious product to help us move and be inspired by so-called “3D training”.

“3D training” is something I have been fascinated by for many years, but I do not think I really grasped the true essence and importance of it until two GIFT fellows (Neal Dinan & Kris Rai) joined SHP. That was about two years ago and since then I have done all the online courses the Gray Institute offer and really enjoyed applying their principles for assessments, pain management, corrective techniques and enhancing performance.

I will write a post on 3D training shortly, but right now I want to focus on the Platform9.


Procedos 2

Seth Ronland, the creator of Platform9


Platform9 is not only a stand-alone product, it is driven by the Procedos training system, a system that believes that authentic human movement will always occur in all 3 planes of motion and therefore we should train this way also. In the near future you will find educational material on the Procedos website to help you understand the principles behind the system.

Back to the product: The seemingly simple mat offers comprehensive functional strategies for training, rehabilitation and conditioning by offering an endless amount of movement suggestions. A great quote that you can find on their website says “Curiosity is the most important driver for authentic movement”. Well I have certainly become a lot more curious after playing around with the prototype for the past 4 months! Here are some of my thoughts so far.


– 3D training is here to stay and the Platform9 is a great tool to facilitate endless movement options.
– Clear and informative layout.
– Fabric can handle some serious abuse so no worry about breaking it.
– Super portable! The mat can fold up to become no bigger than a 15″ laptop.
– Promotes movement creativity and a better understanding of chain reaction biomechanics.
– Get’s people moving in ways they have never tried before = good think when dosage is adapted.
– EVERYONE who has tried it so far thinks it’s super fun and get addicted.
– Reasonably priced so that clients/end users can have one at home and follow movement programs.


– You need to understand the principles of 3D training in order for the creativity to flow.

Here is a workout a did a few days ago, I called it “3D Explosive Power”.

So if you are a fitness or health professional reading this, I sincerely recommend you get a good grasp of 3D chain reaction biomechanics. The best place currently for that will be the CAFS program from the Gray Institute which you can find here or Seth and Andreas Öhgren’s “3D-Funktion” education (currently only in Swedish) here.

If you are not a PT, then find someone who does understand how 3D training works and give it a go. You will be seeing the mats around Dubai and the middle east soon, just remember who introduced them =)

Check out some of the Platform9 users on Instagram for some inspiration:


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