3 tips for you: 

1. Use it or lose it

If you stop using the affected area, the affected tendon will lose its resilience and be less capable of taking load. You should not push through pain but, together with a qualified physiotherapist, find the exercises and the load within the level of pain that is acceptable for you and gradually increase until the tendon can handle the load of normal movements and every day tasks.


2. Do not have an injection

Studies on tennis elbow have shown that injection can give some short-term pain relief but in regards to both pain and function in the long term, doing nothing is better than having an injection. One should always try physiotherapy and a good exercise program first, and if one does not have any response to any of these, injection can be considered.


3. Be patient

Different structures in your body take different amounts of time to heal. Tendons are shown to take at least 3 months if you do your exercise program. It takes time to build up strength and capacity and, even though massage feels nice, it does not solve the problem.

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