To create an innovative and inspiring evidence based practice for health and performance enhancement. To encourage a growth mindset culture for skilled professionals to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Through our assessments, identify each client’s needs and goals and provide a supportive and goal oriented environment for every individual to reach their full potential, whether seeking pain management, improved health & fitness or athletic performance.

To deliver and host high quality educational services and products to the general public, clients and trainers.

Not only do we promote good health for our in-house clients, we also strive to impact local communities through reach-out programs to groups in need of healthy lifestyle guidance such as communities, schools, hospitals and institutions. [/one_fourth_last]


We strive to become an internationally recognized authority within personal health & performance training, pain management and educational programs.


  1. Be professional in every aspect.
  2. Care about your clients and your colleagues.
  3. Be genuine, transparent and honest at all times.
  4. Constantly learn and improve.
  5. Do more than expected.
  6. Stay true to the science and the principles, but adapt your methods.
  7. Taste your own medicine.
  8. Act as One Team
  9. Be happy. Seek balance between work and recovery.
  10. Be creative and seek exciting opportunities. Life is too short to be content.



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