1.Moving is dangerous

All structures in the body enjoy movement, they’re actually meant to move. With moving comes oxygen and nutrition with the increased blood-circulation to an area, plus transportation of waste. Moving with some intensity, meaning getting your pulse up, could actually be pain relieving as your body produces endorphins, which among other functions is to relieve pain.


2. A picture will tell me what hurts

No, a picture will tell you what it looks like inside your body right now. Not what hurts. If you take 100 people on the street that have no pain, approximately 50% of them will have some sort of finding on an MRI scan, degenerative changes, bulging discs, prolapses. Perfectly normal, perfectly safe and this does not equal pain. It is both the tests in the clinic compared with a picture that can be informative.


3. I need to be careful of my back

Your spine is a robust structure. Discs are grown in; they cannot slip out, meaning you can’t have a “slipped disc”. Your back pain is guaranteed to be something else. Your back is built with the purpose of bending, extending, side bending and rotating, and if you don’t use it, you may loose it. It is not dangerous to move your back in any direction or to use it in every normal daily life, nor in the gym.

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